Mark Sharef 

I was licensed in 1970 as WN8IOP. During the next year I made one contact because I would freeze up whenever someone would come back. The next year I did a little better, but my dad made me sale my radios because of the electric bill. That's when I bought my Ten-Tec PM1. Dad let me keep that radio because it ran on a 12V dry cell. I made one contact on that radio to an Ohio station off the antenna at EMU. 

I could not get my code speed up to 13 WPM so I had to let my license laps. A year later I took my test again and became a novice running a HW-16 for 16 years. In 1988 I passed my General (on a dare) and in 1989 my Extra. Having started early running QRP with my Ten-Tec at 900mw (which I still have), I still have a thing for making contacts with low power. My rigs include a Pig Rig, NS 40, Pixi, Supper Tuna II plus (my favorite) a  Cricket 80 plus my Ten-Tec Argonaut V. At lest the ones that are working. For a separate receiver I like my County Comm SSB. It works well with my Super Tune II plus and my NS 40. 

Now if I could just find a crystal capable of handling 2700V for my one tube transmitter using an 813. Grin