Date and Contest Period: 2300Z 09/02/19 to 0300Z 09/03/19

The Michigan QRP Club sponsors one CW sprint each year. The contest environment offers an opportunity to improve operating skills and have fun. Members and non-members are welcome to participate! Only QRP (5W or less) stations will be considered for an award, but others may join the fun.

Operate on the standard QRP frequencies, except WARC bands. Work as many stations as you can. They do not have to be participating in the sprint. Calling CQ QRP, CQ MI, or CQ TEST is appropriate.

At the conclusion of the sprint please submit your log per the instructions below. Log submission deadline is 14 day from the end of the sprint.



Operate on any of the following bands and recommended frequencies: 160 Meters 1810 kHz; 80 Meters 3560 kHz; 40 Meters 7030/7040/7110 kHz; 20 Meters 14060 kHz; 15 Meters 21060/21110 kHz; 10 Meters 28060 kHz; 6 Meters 50060 kHz.


Members send: RST, State/Province/Country, MI-QRP Member Number
Non-members send: RST, State/Province/Country, Power output


There are several free contest logging programs available. If the MI QRP sprint is not listed, such as with N1MM, use QRPARCI (ARCI) contest and edit the cabrillo header format with information applicable to the MI QRP club event.


Stations may be worked once per band for QSO points.
Member contacts = 5 points.
Non member W or VE contacts = 2 points.
Non member DX contacts = 4 points.

Score = Total QSO Points (on all bands) X S/P/Cs X BONUS POINTS

Bonus Points

Total points may be multiplied by 1.25 for any homebrew RX or TX used.
Multiply by 1.5 for a total homebrew station.
(Homebrew is a kit or homebrew rig, it is not necessary for you to have built it.)

Log Submission

Logs must be submitted within 14 day of the end of the sprint.
Electronic logs in Cabrillo Format are HIGHLY PREFERRED. Edit the cabrillo header with the information applicable to the MI QRP club event in which you are participating.

E-Mail Logs to and request further information from:

Lee Dziekan N8LJ — see N8LJ info via QRZ.com

For your logs, please include your name, call, address, equipment description and Power output.

You can use the Contest tab of this website to submit your logs if you wish.



Certificates are awarded to those stations with the highest score, running 5 watts or less, by State, Province, and DX Country.

Results will be printed in the next issue of The 5 Watter.
Final decision on any contest matters rest with the contest manager.