SKCC for MiQRP.png

MiQRP joins SKCC

To promote group QRP activities, the MiQRP club has joined SKCC. This means our club callsign WQ8RP is now linked to SKCC number 18952.

The plan: We will meet as a group to participate in selected SKCC contests and special events. At these events, attending MiQRP members may operate using our club call sign and our SKCC number.

In keeping with the SKCC spirit we shall use only approved "straight key" devices. Of course we shall also use only 5 watts or less.


Watch the New Events tab of our web site for listings of selected SKCC events.  

Please remember that the club call sign is strictly for MiQRP club-authorized uses. If you want to participate in an SKCC event, but are unable to join our group, please use your personal call sign and refrain from using the club's SKCC number. 

You don't need to be an SKCC member to participate in our group events. However, if you would like your own SKCC number, please visit the SKCC site to request one.